Weekly News

Deep and Wide—What the Future looks like

I got the chance to watch one of my favourite TV shows this week—Grand Designs. I don’t enjoy all the episodes and I’m not taken to architecture that lends itself to an overuse of natural products. I prefer my timber finish to be refined rather than raw—polished rather than proud. The episode this week hit all the buttons for me. Use of glass, natural light and lighting were all part of the mix along with a wall made out of a beautiful tropical fish tank. When it was finished it looked stunning—and all the more since it was built on the edge of a small lake. And here’s the thing. It’s the part of the house you didn’t see that allowed what you did see to stand as strong as it did. It was the foundations that really made the house—not he polished finish. We need depth if we are to be strong—and that’s true for us here at Hope.

In moving forward we are committed to build deep as well as wide. Building depth means giving attention to the things that are often unseen. For us personally it applies to our character and attitude; to how we deal with both disagreement and disappointment with one another, For us as a church it means facilitating processes and procedures that facilitate the growth of the church, that maintains good accountability and that creates capacity for growth at all levels. For this to happen we need to recognise a few things. Firstly, good structure enables greater growth. Secondly, with greater structure comes wider involvement and that calls for us all to play our part—something which as we make Hope our home we need to consider and pray about. What I’d ask is that you pray about what is your part in serving the life of Hope as we go deeper together.

Have a great week — Stephen

News in brief — keeping you informed

Men’s Breakfast—Saturday 4th March at 9.00am at Hope Centre. Full English breakfast
plus a drink for £4.00. To book a place or for further details please see Stephen.

Verse to Live By—latest book by David Shearman— if you’ve not yet taken a copy of David’s latest book then we have them available in office at the price of £6.00 each—please speak to either Stephen or Mary if you would like a copy.

Youth for Christ Partnership—we are delighted to be partnering with Youth for Christ to deliver some of our midweek youth and children’s work over the next quarter. We are excited about the possibilities this offers and will be giving a further update soon.

Get Fit—Keep Fit @ Hope. A new weekly exercise class starting here at Hope on Tuesday 21st February 1pm—2pm. A gentle to moderate exercise programme for adults. Age is no barrier and don’t worry if you haven’t exercised for years, you will be guided by our profession fitness trainer. Speak to Mary for more details.
“Golden Days” for the over 60’s at Hope Café. A two course lunch for £5.95 served on Tuesdays and Thursdays 12pm—3pm.

Knit & Natter at Hope Café Starting on Monday 6th February 2pm—4pm, then first Monday of every month 2pm—4pm. Free to join and everyone welcome—either bring along your knitting project or help us knit squares for blankets in support of Operation Orphan (www.operation-orphan.org)

NG Network. Our next joint service at Ellis Guildford School will be Sunday 19th March.