The Forgiveness Project – The Book.

Hi friends, we are very pleased to announce that our forgiveness book, named after the sermon project we did last year, is now available!

Expanding on the teaching and including many of the stories our congregation shared at the time – this is a great resource for anyone who has ever had a problem with forgiveness…as the introduction states; the book “hopefully carries sufficient practical impact to be true to what we all experience. The hope was that it would be the type of book one could leave on their coffee table as well as be sufficiently useful to pass on as a gift – a piece of work that adds to the conversation of forgiveness and what it means to work towards peace and reconciliation in our world.”

Purchase price is £3 to cover the costs of printing and you can pick up a copy by either popping down to the Hope Cafe, or we can post out to you for a small fee – email for more details. You can also listen back to the sermons, stories and podcasts by clicking here:

Quotes from the book…

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