Dealing with the Offence

Stephen continues our forgiveness project; sharing stories of peoples forgiveness and talking about how to handle the offence. Concluding by speaking of the need for us to make peace from the wounds we receive.

Wounded Soul Come Fly Again

Come you whose intent was for my harm
For what can trouble do to me

You who carry vengeance in your heart
Whose mission was to rob from me.

You took your aim and did your best
But your wound created now a treasure chest
Of jewels borne out of this pain
Of laughter from a soul regained

For here in pain my soul was healed
Of hate, and vengeance – the right of appeal
For self importance shall surely die
I have no need for alibi

Wounded soul let us make amends
Now pierced heart welcome this new friend
Come let us learn from hates long cord
Of melodies sung to create discord

For who would know of loves deep well
If I had only prospered well
But there in pain I drunk so deep of grace and peace at His mercy seat
– Stephen Hackney