“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself, what makes you come alive inside, for what the world needs is people who have come alive inside.”

John Eldridge
“We all need a vision of the future – to see something before it exists and then work to create it. This is a vision of the church I see, it’s what I am passionate about and points to the type of community I want to create.”

– Stephen Hackney

The church I see…

is a community, not a building

A company of people who have chosen to follow Jesus Christ and walk with him through the journey of life. It is defined not by its surroundings but its culture.

is not judgmental

instead it is loving and accepting which makes for situations that can be messy and at times confusing. It is not intimidated by confusion and unfazed by mess. It recognises that dysfunction prevails, that for most people life is lived in the grey areas rather than the black and white.

puts people before programmes

Where passion is more important than procedures and where hearts unite in the call to follow Christ. It is not perfect, but is pursuing wholeness. As the followers of Christ we desire to be like him and so are changing and evolving into his likeness.

encourages people to be who they are as individuals

Where biblical pictures help us build a community of belonging, purpose and dignity, as we help everyone to appreciate their own self worth in the light of the cross of Christ.

is large enough to influence but small enough to care

Where people can not only receive but also give, where generosity is encouraged and celebrated. Its a Church where people celebrate together on a Sunday but serve and love together throughout the week.

celebrates and creates sacred space

and time away from the pressures of life and time to reconnect with God and his creation and our place in it.

The church I see…

As you have got this far, here are a few more things we think are an important part of our church

WE’RE GRAPPLING WITH THE BIBLE to bring its message to life, thus applying its truth in relevant ways to modern life. It is rooted in Scripture like a tree is rooted to the earth, recognising that no matter what is above the surface, it is what goes on under the ground that makes it what it is.

WE’RE A TRULY COSMOPOLITAN COMMUNITY full of life and welcoming to all ages; it is a church that reaches a community and impacts a city.

WE’RE FRUITFUL AND GROWING, busily creating meeting points and gathering places where people can socialise and interact, where friendships can be formed and lives changed. These gathering points take the shape of Coffee Bars, Parent/Toddler Groups and Children’s Clubs, Sunday Gatherings, Charity shops and the like, whilst at the same time staying open to and encouraging others to explore their ideas and dreams.

WE’RE A PLACE WHERE THE ARTS ARE CELEBRATED AND ENCOURAGED, where mediocrity gives way to creativity and leads the way in reconnecting people with long lost passions, where fresh hope becomes the substance of life.

WE’RE A CHURCH WHERE PEOPLE ARE NOT CATEGORISED on the basis of intellect, education, wealth or status, where homes are open to all whether we live in mansions or mid terraces and character is of greater worth than class and servant hood of higher value than status.

WE’RE A CHURCH WHERE LEADERS ARE BIRTHED and teams are formed and released into fulfilling visions, unlocking potential, realising dreams.

WE’RE UNDERSTANDING OF THE REALITY that where we set out from is often not where we end up, so we will celebrate and enjoy the journey and worry less about the destination, recognising that our best opportunities for growth and development have yet to be seen and could come to us at any time.