The Forgiveness Project

Rarely would you take so many sessions on one topic in a teaching series but the subject of forgiveness has been an exception. We needed the time to treat the material with respect; to open up the various sub topics associated with it and allow it’s message to go deep. All of this takes time but I believe the result has been worth it. And not only have we been educated we’ve also been challenged about what it means to live as Christ followers and therefore to practice forgiveness. At the same time we’ve been able to talk about what forgiveness is not—like pretending nothing ever happened; the importance of boundaries and the need to rebuild broken trust.

At the same time we’ve disconnected forgiveness from the presumption of reconciliation whilst saying that reconciliation is always our goal—but it takes two to reconcile; and that’s two people truthfully acknowledging the situation as it is not how we or they perceive it to be.

First and foremost we set forgiveness in the context of God’s love for each of us and how being immersed in His love and forgiveness we are positioned to forgive others.

As a pastor one of the most important messages I wanted to speak to is that forgiveness is a journey and we must start where we are and move forward at the pace we can manage. Forgiveness is rarely a sprint—it’s usually more of marathon. We take a journey into forgiveness—the important thing is to start the journey and not worry about the pace. If we can each do that then we will be moving the in the right direction.


Hope Picnic Sunday 23 July at 1.30pm.  Come and join us for fun and a picnic at Ruddington Park More details soon!! So pack your sandwiches and come along!

Creche—We are changing the location for Creche to the upstairs open space during the services. Over the next week an audio link will be set up so that parents can listen into the service—and of course the window is there so you can see what is happening! Toys are available for the children to play with. Access is via either the stairs or lift and you can access the toilet and baby changing facilities by the walk through  at the bottom of the stairs which avoids the need to walk through the main hall.

NG Fusion Youth Event

The next NG Youth event will be held on Saturday 15th July from 5pm to 7pm at The People’s Church, Bestwood Park. For more details please see leaflets on Welcome desk.