Update from NG11 Foodbank

We are coming up to the fifth birthday of the Clifton NG11 Foodbank. Five long and satisfying years that have seen the foodbank evolve from simply offering a three day food hamper to those who fulfill the qualifying criteria to a service which offers our community so much more.  We are now trained and able to offer debt support, budgeting guidance, signposting to other service providers. We provide free refreshments to our clients alongside a warm welcome and the guarantee of friendly, confidential support. The practical assistance of food provision is not limited to voucher holding individuals, we also regularly donate to the Super Kitchen, the Refugee Centre and support our friends at Angel Green with their project to feed the homeless.  Poverty is all around us and can arise in a multitude of circumstances, its true to say that no two cases are the same. This means that at times our work can be complicated or difficult and there are certainly times when patience is required. Some of the stories of hardship can be emotionally draining to listen to but in all cases our wonderfully generous team of volunteers rise to the challenge. It is so inspiring to watch our kind volunteers at work, maybe its Kim meticulously putting food parcels together in the warehouse giving special attention to the clients dietary needs. It could be Carol putting a loving and reassuring arm around the distraught mother of hungry children, or Hugh teaching Shaima to record client data on a laptop.  In the last few months I’ve watched the British movie ” I Daniel Blake ” a real life story of poverty in our country right now, living on next to nothing going from one benefit to another, working all the hours possible and still not making ends meet. People living near you today can be struggling with the basics needed to survive. We are very blessed that we are supported by our community and wider. I would ask you to also support the work we do, and pray we meet peoples needs here in our building, in God’s house.  If you are able, try to donate a few items regularly, give it with love and encourage those you know to support a food bank near to them, because together we do make a difference.

Our food bank has a website, facebook page, twitter, tel no. email and leaflets for people to contact us , whether it’s to donate or to ask for assistance.