Take It To The Lord In Prayer!

The last song we sung on Sunday was What a friend we have in Jesus!  This song invites us,  nay advices us to bring everything to God in prayer.   But do we always do that?  So many times prayer seems to be the last resort rather than our first thought!   In these troubled times it is so easy to forget that God cares about our world and the things that trouble us ,both on an international scale and a personal and private  one.

Of late there has been several prayer initiatives that have invited us to pray for the church and the nation.

For some tine now I have really felt the need to pray for our nation and for it’s leaders of which ever political party  they subscribe to

At this time our country is going through a difficult time, both politically and socially.  Listen to the media and there is unrest, fear and mistrust everywhere!  Who do we believe?  Who can we Trust?  And  which way is the  right one?  In this world of fake news we can get lost in the battle for our votes, views and ideas.  Our nation needs prayer and our leaders need guidance.  I am one of many who feel the need to pray now more than ever for our nation.   I am encouraged in the way various voices within the church and Christian organisations have called us together to pray.

I believe that it is time to lay down denominations, agendas and doctrinal differences and unite for the common good of our nation to turn back to seeking God and praying that his will not ours be done.  And what would happen if we were to call for a national day of prayer and if need be make it a bank holiday in order that as many people as possible may attend these meetings wherever they may be held.

On a personal note I am greatly encouraged in the way attendances to the prayer groups at Hope have increased and the desire to pray and seek God  for individuals, Hope and our nation has really taken hold.

Always remember that our weapon is prayer and that our fight is not against flesh and blood but the spiritual realm that sets itself up against Almighty God!

Every blessing in Christ.  Alan

Keep You Informed…

Hope Picnic Sunday 23 July at 1.30pm.  Come and join us for fun and a picnic at Ruddington Park More details soon!! So pack your sandwiches and come along!

Creche—We are changing the location for Creche to the upstairs open space during the services. Over the next week an audio link will be set up so that parents can listen into the service—and of course the window is there so you can see what is happening! Toys are available for the children to play with. Access is via either the stairs or lift and you can access the toilet and baby changing facilities by the walk through  at the bottom of the stairs which avoids the need to walk through the main hall.