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Over the next few weeks we will continue with the theme of Forgiveness during our Sunday preaching taking time to look at the subject from lots of different perspectives but always with one goal—to allow us to become more like Jesus. Today, we will look at one of the four main sections that will form the teachings by asking the question: ’What Creates Our Need for Forgiveness?’

Throughout life we can all be hurt—and for lots of reasons. Equally, we too can be the source of hurt towards other people. So all this stuff matters. But it doesn’t start with the horizontal relationship but rather the vertical one. Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures for our forgiveness. The deeper we live in this truth—the more forgiving we become.

Our world needs people who can exercise forgiveness—who can live and model it as a lifestyle. You might need to exercise forgiveness to someone in your family or at work. As we will learn over the weeks forgiveness is not the same as reconciliation; its not acting as if nothing was ever wrong. But it is about setting people free—and often that person is us! As Desmond Tutu wrote,  ‘Having looked the beast of the past in the eye, having asked and received forgiveness and having made amends, let us shut the door on the past—not in order to forget it but in order not to allow it to imprison us.’

My prayer is that God will do a deep work in all of our hearts in this area—and that freedom will be the goal of forgiveness wherever it is seen.

Blessings — Stephen

Soul Survivor—Fund Raising

We’ve now finalised those young people attending Soul Survivor this year and are planning two fund raising events. Can you help us?

Saturday 6th May—Bag Packing at Morrisons—if you are DBS checked with Hope and could spare a few hours to help supervise some bag packing please speak with Stephen

Saturday 10th June—Sponsored Exercise Bike Ride at Hope. If you have an exercise bike we could borrow can you please speak to Stephen

Men’s Night—Friday 12 May at 7.00pm  – It’s curry night for the next men’s event and we are off Dhaka Delhi, 21 High Street, Ruddington.  Be great to see you and we will need to arrange a pre order so menus will be available from next week. Please txt 07711649031 or email Stephen@hopechurchnottingham.org if you plan to come along.

Care For The Family  have announced their “Parenting Under 12’s—A Survival Guide” tour which is coming to Nottingham on Tuesday 9th May.  If your are interested in learning more about this please pick up the information from the Welcome Table, or go online to careforthefamily.org.uk/parentaltour.