Hi kids, it will soon be Easter and we’ve been thinking about how you could help us celebrate the Easter story by making something at home, an Easter Garden!

Please send photo’s or videos to connect@hopechurchnottingham (by Thursday eve, 9th April) and we will include in our Easter Sunday service!

Suggested things required

To make the Easter Garden here are some helpful instructions .  Looking forward to seeing these amazing gardens.  You can include other things by using your creative skills that I have not thought of:

  • A container, for example a roasting tray or shallow box to use as a base
  • A bin liner or other plastic bag to keep the things safely in the container
  • Some small sticks and string to make three wooden crosses
  • Some longer thin twigs to be woven into a circle of two turns to represent Crown of Thorns, to be hung on the middle cross
  • 3 Silver coins (30 pieces of silver)
  • A cup, egg cup or small plant pot to make a cave like tomb
  • A stone which will be used for the door to the tomb
  • 12 small stones to represent the disciples
  • A small piece of bandage say to represent Jesus grave clothes
  • Some soil to cover the tomb
  • Some moss, grass or similar to cover soil of the tomb to create a hill
  • A variety of plants and flowers for the garden of Gethsemane
  • A small container of vinegar – the drink Jesus was offered.
  • If you have any small figures you can include these in your garden to represent Mary etc.  You could include Jesus breaking the bread if you are including this as part of the Easter garden.

By creating your own Easter Garden you and your family will understand and remember the important points of the Easter story, and how Jesus is now risen!

Now how do we do the Easter Garden!

  1. Get your roasting tray or container you are using (roasting tray is deeper). You can line the tray with a plastic bag if your mum is not keen on you putting soil on her best tray.
  2. Get the soil and on one end of the tray the soil needs to be deeper to be able to sink in your plant pot, cup or egg cup and for you to be able put in flowers, shrubs that you have collected from the garden, and for the flower to stand e.g. if using a daffodil it needs to be able to stand up straight.
  3. Sink the cup into the mound you have created with the soil representing the hill (Golgotha) where Jesus and the thieves were crucified.
  4. Cover the cup and the mound with moss, grass, or it can be green material to represent grass.
  5. Then create your crosses using twigs or it can be lolly pop sticks. You can use string or glue, or sellotape to create a cross. One of the crosses you can make a little bigger to represent Jesus’s cross. Put these crosses, either on your hill if you have put sufficient soil, or it can be like I did on the video behind the mound, again depending how much soil you have put on your tray for these to stand up.
  6. The cross that you have created for Jesus you can put a crown on the top, this I created using ivy and weaving it into a circle. You may want to put a sign on Jesus’s cross “King of the Jews”. You may want to put some red tissue paper or red ribbon representing Jesus’s blood shed for us. (It can be endless in what you can put in the garden to represent the story of Easter).
  7. Now you can get a stone or you can make a stone out of brown paper, whatever you have available in your garden/home, and use this to half cover the tomb that you have created using a plant pot etc. You may want to write “He is risen.” You may want to put some cloth in your plant pot to represent the grave clothes that Jesus had worn. You may put “he is risen” see video).
  8. Now create the garden with shrubs, flowers, herbs etc (be careful about not destroying your mum, grannies, or carers garden in the process of being creative. You could make your own flowers out of paper etc.
  9. I put some stones in my garden to represent the 12 disciples. You may only put 11 as we know Judas betrayed Jesus.
  10. Just be creative and enjoy. Don’t forget to either video it or send a picture of it. Looking forward to seeing all your master pieces.
  11. One last thing “Don’t forget to wash your hands” (you may have done it 100s of times)