“The aim of the Hope Centre is to help to address issues of social isolation and exclusion, low aspirations, poor self-esteem and poverty by taking a collaborative approach in bringing a vandalised former youth and community centre back to public use as a base for charities working together.”

Our "Big Lottery" business case.

The Hope Centre

We opened the Hope Centre in the Summer of 2016 on a bright, but slightly rainy afternoon. Situated at the bottom of Southchurch Drive in the heart of Clifton, this is a building and a vision that we had for many years… in fact we started purchasing the land over 20 years ago!

The best things come to those who wait.

We finally completed the purchase and started work on the Centre in 2014. Today the Hope Centre stands as a beacon for the Clifton community and attracts visitors from far and wide.

Providing services to over 400 people each week, the Hope Centre is the base for Hope Church and our Cafe and is used by a number of different groups each week including the NG11 Foodbank, Enthusiasm and various other organisations.

One of the main reasons for opening the Hope Centre was to tackle isolation and exclusion of young and old people and break down barriers between them, creating stronger communities and giving adults and children living in poverty better chances in life.

Our four main outcomes when we started to envision the Hope Centre were as follows…

To deliver a range of activities and services for local residents in Clifton

Leading to improved community cohesion with people working together to solve problems.

Local people will be able to access a community cafe

and enjoy a healthy eating menu whilst providing opportunity for social inclusion, leading to improvements in their physical and emotional wellbeing.

To support individuals and families in crisis

by supplying nutritionally balanced food parcels to help them avoid food poverty.

Isolation of older people will be reduced

and their confidence improved as a result of participating in a range of social and health activities at the Hope Centre.

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Our Story

The story of the Hope Centre

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Hope Cafe

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