19th March - by Stephen H

Hi Paul

We are currently working through a series of emails looking at how we can stay and grow together during the current Coronavirus Pandemic. To achieve this we are looking at three things:

How to get connected
How to be community
How to make a contribution

How to be community

During challenging times our natural instinct is to want to come together and yet during this crisis we are being denied this and so are forced to think out side the box. Last night we spoke about how we will bring an online service via Facebook Live every Sunday at 11am.

Tonight I want to talk about Life Groups and how you can be part of a group to connect and stay in touch during this season. Life Groups will gather together every Wednesday at 7.30 and do life together – but remotely!

There are two clear aspects to Life groups:

1. Wednesday at 7.30pm – link up, chat and share together. A time that will be facilitated by the Life group leader

2. What’s App group – a simple way to share and encourage each other through the week. A place to share encouragement, scripture and prayer

We are just working through the finer details of these groups and so will share again soon when we are ready to go – the aim for this is next Wednesday.

We are conscious that for some people all this ‘technology’ can feel daunting and so where people are unable to connect, we would still link you with a group and be in touch with you  via a good old fashioned phone call to make sure you are fully embraced in the life of your church family. The plan is to make sure everyone is connected with a group – with a leader you can contact – and a fellowship of people who will reach out to you via a phone call.

We are working on making this happen – and will be processing this strategy over the coming week


Pastor – Hope Church