29th December 2019.

As we say goodbye to 2019, and the decade that was the 2010s, Stephen has 10 lessons for us to consider, including:

Learn to choose your battles well, because not every hill is worth dying on.
Be ruthless in your generosity – it will become an antidote to a stingy spirit
Learn to spot and embrace an opportunity and don’t allow that moment to pass
Learn to cultivate an inner circle of honesty and accountability
Work hard to understand the rationale behind the opposing argument
Understand that forgiveness is the key to unlocking your own bitterness and resentment

If someone is unable to celebrate how God is using you, what God is doing through you, the doors God is opening for you, or opportunities God is bringing to you, you might need to find a different cheer squad. Not everyone can handle it. Choose your inner circle wisely.
– Christine Caine