8th December 2019.

Stephen continued our Advent series this week with a talk entitled “A Mystery Revealed”, looking at the coming of Jesus from three perspectives:

Mystery – God reviewed int he vulnerability of the child
Proximity – God has not distanced himself but draw him close to us
Humility – Christ has come to live in obedience to the father

‘Life and truth, those ultimate expressions of reality we all claim to seek, are no longer to be found in books or in a succession of new experiences. Life has been gift wrapped in a person. Truth has taken on human flesh; in order to experience it, we must lay hold of Him. God took His place among us, as one of us. That is what the incarnation means. With the incarnation, everything became new; now so can we. Only now we must look to the One who is the Way, the Truth and the Life, the final Word of the loving Father to the entire human family.’
– Michael Card