24th September 2017

This morning Stephen spoke about four types of awareness – self, people, environment and spirit; particularly focusing on how we can master self awareness in order to help our awareness of others.

“To really connect with people you must spend more time in their shoes than yours. Empathy means that I have to connect with something in me that knows what you’re feeling and then I must allow that to govern my speaking. People just want to know that we are one of them, they want to hear from fellow pilgrims and strugglers not detached observers and commentators. In the church we have too many prophets and too few priests, too many representing God to humanity and not enough representing humanity to God. Too many giving us God’s perspective and too few who seem to understand ours… Perspective is a time space issue and that’s where we live, God is eternal and omniscient and immune from the limitations of perspective because he sees everything at once past present and future.”
– Paul Scanlon